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Learn more about new development projects throughout Solano County! Just click on a city to discover proposals, plans, and construction work going on throughout all seven cities!

Solano Futuro relies on staff reports, public meetings, and community comments to be able to provide accurate and truthful information to the community at large. Anything that is written on Solano Futuro comes from somewhere that is easily accessible by members of the public. That means we don’t operate on leaks or undisclosed information, but instead, on facts that have already been made publicly available!

Community engagement and Involvement

At the heart of Solano Futuro’s mission is greater community engagement in the planning process and in local and regional governance. Solano Futuro wants the community to actively participate in the planning process, whether it be through public comments at Planning Commission or City Council meetings or by participation in planning workshops.

Be on the look out for “Take Action” tabs on projects that have upcoming events or actions!

Of course, we do get things wrong sometimes! We happily welcome any feedback when it comes to new or erroneous information that may appear on any of our pages or articles. Simply leave us a message by visiting our Contact page and let us know and we will happily correct it!

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